Chronological events in The Rise of the Galactic Commonwealth

[GURPS] - [3rd Edition] - [campaign world timeline]

2050 #

(TL8) The beginning of the Second Dark-Ages of mankind. Governments collapse and the Mega-Corporations fortify themselves in massive self-contained fortress factories. The areas outside the Mega-Corps become no-mans lands.

2051-2079 #

The height of the Second Dark Ages. During this time the Mega-Corps create their own private cyber-armies to do battle on rival Corps. Anyone caught in the middle is indiscriminately exterminated. Some attempt to colonize other planets in the Solar System, none are successful.

2080-2095 #

(TL9) Realizing that an escape from Earth and its surrounding planets and outposts is impossible, a large group of unemployed people start their own movement. With the help of hundreds of disillusioned Corp scientists they propose a plan to create a sub-race of superior human beings to rule over mankind fairly and well.

2096-2098 #

The first batch of The Blood Royal are created, several hundred strong they seek to take the reins of power away from the Mega-Corps. All out war ensues.

2099-2103 #

The Mega-Corps attempt to create several hundred of their own “Blood Royal”, however it backfires drastically, sabotage by royalist sympathizers inside the Corps causes the project to go drastically wrong, for the Corps! Several hundred Haruchai are created, like the Blood Royal they do not turn out as expected. Seeing the nobility of the Blood Royal, and recognizing a common origin with them, the Haruchai pronounce themselves the Bloodguard. Fighting together the Blood Royal, Bloodguard, and Royalists crush the Mega-Corps and bring peace to the Solar System.

2104-2204 #

The Terran Monarchy, headed by the Blood Royal, rises from the ashes of the Second Dark-Ages. They marshal the resources of the Solar System to colonize the stars. The first successful STL colonization attempts take root in Alpha Centauri and Barnard star systems. Experimental FTL drives are developed but with no safe results.

2205-2224 #

The Great Expansion. Humankind encounters the mysterious race known only as the Traders, and acquire Warp Drive and other technologies from them. Enabling the human race to drastically spread throughout the surrounding star systems. General Tech Level increases to 10.

2225-2304 #

The Great expansion continues, the human race encounters several other alien races, including the Gormelites, Sparrials, Pachekki, Treefolk, Purulu, and the Truul. All of these encounters ended in peaceful alliances, except for the Truul who immediately pledged eternal bondage to the Blood Royal on sight of the High King. General Tech Level Increases to 11. Discovery of Slow FTL radio and the Hyperdrive drastically revolutionised space travel and politics.

2305-2351 #

The Verm Invasion. The allied races suddenly find themselves under attack from an alien race known identified as Verms. Only the Blood Royal, with their Psionic Powers and formidable Bloodguard allies are able to resist a Verm takeover. After defeating the Verms on all their colonies the Terran Commonwealth constructs the biggest fleet ever seen in the local star groups. Over the next 20 years they seek to free the local races from Verm infestation. Once freed the local allied races are left in a hopeless situation, their populations have been decimated and their cities ravaged. Because of the Blood Royal the Terran Commonwealth are the only ones who escaped relatively unscathed. Because of this, and the fact that the Terrans came to their aid, the local star groups immediately pledge allegiance to the High King. The Stellar Commonwealth is formed.

2352-2361 #

A period of prosperity is enjoyed by all races of the Stellar Commonwealth. New colonization is curbed in favour of rebuilding after the Verm infestation.

2362-2377 #

Contact with the Kaa race. The Kaa race encounters the Stellar Commonwealth and signs a treaty with them ensuring peace between the governments. Then when the Commonwealths back is turned the Kaa viciously attack and attempt to enslave the peoples of the Stellar Commonwealth.

2378-2387 #

The forces of the Stellar Commonwealth battle the Kaa Empire, but the Kaa and their Kronin allies are to powerful, the Commonwealth slowly loses ground.

2388-2396 #

The Haruchai are the first to realize that the Kronin are not allies of the Kaa, but rather mercenary legions. A group of Blood Royal accompanied by a brigade of Bloodguard journey to the Kronin homeworld. The Kronin are impressed by the Psionic powers of the Blood Royal and feel a kinship towards the ideals and honour code of the Bloodguard. After a few duels between Bloodguard and Kronin (in which the Bloodguard usually won), as well as the deposit of a large sum of galactic credits into the Kronin bank accounts, the Kronin refuse to renew their contract with the Kaa. Instead they sign a contract with the Stellar Commonwealth.

2397-2402 #

With the help of the Kronin Mercenary companies the Kaa are defeated. The Kaa rulers and military however escape to the far corners of the galaxy. General Tech Level is increased to 12. Fast FTL radio is developed and rapid colonization once again takes place.

2403-2508 #

The Stellar Commonwealth expands its boundaries drastically, because of their high birthrate humankind dominates the colonies. During this time some new races are encountered. The Member and Saret, a symbiotic pair of races, are freed from the slavery of the Kaa. Because of this several minor battles are fought against the Kaa during this time. The Kaa also repeatedly attempt to assassinate the Blood Royal. The Member and Saret, lacking any form of government in the wake of being freed from Kaa oppression, pledge themselves to the High King and become part of the Stellar Commonwealth. The Blood Royal also encounter the race known as Tamile, who are impressed by the artistic tastes of the Royalty. The Tamile join the Stellar Commonwealth and pledge themselves to creating wonderful art for the High King and the Blood Royal. During this time the Banduch, Liook Sujan, Gerodians, Fasanni, Cidi, Jaril, Irari, An Phar, and Mmm were also encountered, after some negotiations all decided to join the Stellar Commonwealth. At this time it was decided that, because of its size, the Stellar Commonwealth should change its name to the Galactic Commonwealth.

2509-2525 #

During this time the Galactic Commonwealth has mapped and controls 2/3 of the galaxy. However from the uncharted outer regions of the galaxy comes the second Kaa invasion. The war lasts for 16 years, during this time the General Tech Level of the Galactic Commonwealth increases to 13. Because of these technological advances the Commonwealth is once again victorious against the Kaa. However once again the majority of the Kaa race flees farther outward, but not before it swears eternal vengeance on the Blood Royal and the Galactic Commonwealth.

2526-2554 #

During this period the rest of the galaxy is mapped, the Engai are encountered and become peaceful allies. Also during this time the Blood Royal encounter the Markann who are obsessed with destroying the Blood Royal, the Human race, and the entire Galactic Commonwealth. However the Markann work from the shadows, and no one knows were they come from. Rise of the Mind-Seizer’s.

2555-2595 #

With the discovery of Jumpgate technology the exploration of the Andromedan Galaxy becomes feasible.

2596 #

  • Exploration continues…..