New Cyberware

New Cyberware

[GURPS] - [3rd Edition] - [campaign world cybernetics]

TL 15 Neural Computer Implant #

This device is a very complex brain implant that consists of a special type of Artificial Intelligence Computer Implant, excepth that the computers personality is actually an extension of the characters. The computer is wired directly into the characters cerebral cortex, sensory organs, nervous system, reflexes and all other major functions of the body. Through this symbiosis the characters IQ is increased, as well through the regulation of body chemicals and hormones the characters ST and HT are increased. The computer also stimulates the motor control and other areas of the brain to provide other physical and mental enhancements.

Computer Type: Complexity 8 optical psionic symbiotic neural computer implant

Psionic Powers: Astral Projection [15], Electrokinesis [15], ESP [15], Healing [15], Psychic Vampirism [15], Psychokinesis [15], Telepathy [15], and Teleportation [15].

Psionic Enhancements: Teleport: you can memorize and use any location you ever visited, with no limit on numbers of locations;

Psionic Skill Programs: All skills for powers listed above. All programs are Complexity 6 and Skill 20.

External Ports: AA cell socket, skull socket for inserting standard program disks, and quad-bank computer external interface jacks.

Hardwired Computer Programs: Datalink, Optical Recognition, and all programs that monitor and control the enhancements to the characters body and mind.

Computer Programs: Gunner(4)-19, Piloting[surface vehicles/slow contragrav](3)-21, Piloting[aircraft/fast grav vehicles/spacecraft](4)-21, Targeting(1), Translation(6)VH-12, plus any other programs purchased by the character.

Abilities: Incapacity Override, Amp Circuit, Ambidexterity, Combat Reflexes, Common Sense, High Pain Threshold, Absolute Timing, Eidetic Memory – Photographic, Mathematical Ability, Remote Datalink, Biomonitor, Pain Override, and Strong Will +5.

Hardwired Skills: Skills can be hardwired into the system at construction, use the rules for skill and reflex chips.

Skills: The computer can access and use all skills known by the character, other skills can be added through the use of Chip Slots, Skill Chips, and Reflex Chips.

Other Character Bonuses: +2 to IQ (or raise to 16, whichever is higher), +1 to DX, HT, ST, and Spd. Also, the characters motor control skills are increased and more accurate, giving him extra attacks when using his combat skills. The character gets one attack for every eight full levels of skill; thus the character would get two attacks per round at level 16 and three at level 24. If applicable, with each extra attack comes an extra parry. Maximum number of attacks allowed with beam weapons and guns is equal to the RoF of the weapon. Example: the character is using a Military Graser Rifle (RoF of 8) with a skill of 18. Therefore he could make two single shot attacks or, using the “Counting Shots” rule (p. B119), the character could make two 4 round burst attacks.

Cost: $10 Million!

Character Point Cost: 800 (minus the point cost of any advantages already possessed by the character, plus the point cost of any skills hardwired into the computer by the character. Point cost can be reduced by removing some of the abilities.)