Cyberware (Shadowrun Conversions)

Cyberware (Shadowrun Conversions)

[GURPS] - [3rd Edition] - [cybernetics]


Requires an Encephalon for the memory to be accessed directly by the brain.

Cost Per Mp: $150 (1 character point = 30Mp) Max 1800Mp

Access Time: Roll 1D6-1 to determine time to access desired information in seconds. If result is below 1 access is almost instantaneous.

ENCEPHALON (Task Manager) #

Requires a datalink/interface link.

Bonuses not applicable to magic/psionic/super powers and skills.


  • +1 IQ = $100,000 (20 points)
  • +2 IQ = $200,000 (40 points)


Subtract the I/O rating from the Internal Memory Access Time.

Level I/O Rating Cost
1 1 $10,000 (2 points)
2 2 $20,000 (3 points)
3 4 $40,000 (4 points)
4 8 $80,000 (5 points)


Level Mp Compression Time Penalty Cost Point Cost
1 +25% +1 $25,000 4
2 +50% +2 $50,000 8
3 +75% +3 $75,000 12
4 +100% +4 $100,000 16


Bonuses: Character gains the following advantages: Lightning Calculator and Mathematical Ability (Double Bonuses!)

Cost: $75,000


Requires an Encephalon and I/O SPU. Acute hearing and sight bonuses add to tracking. The addition of other sensory improvements raise the effective level of the system by 1. (Bug detector, Light intensification, Independently Focusable Eyes, Infravision, Night Sight, Telescopic Vision, 360-Degree Vision, Parabolic Hearing, Subsonics, Ultrasonics, Radar, Range Finder) An Orientation System will add 2 to the tactical computers effective level. A tactical computer can mark and track a number of targets equal to its level plus the IQ of the user. To successfully mark a target roll against the level of the computer plus any acute vision bonuses. Once a target has been marked add half the computers level to any attack roll made against the target. If the user already has the tactics and/or tracking skill add the bonus to it or take the higher skill rating of the two.

Level Bonuses Cost
1 Tracking/IQ, Tactics/IQ $100,000 (20 points)
2 Tracking/IQ+1, Tactics/IQ+2 $200,000 (30 points)
3 Tracking/IQ+2, Tactics/IQ+4 $400,000 (40 points)
4 Tracking/IQ+3, Tactics/IQ+6 $800,000 (60 points)


Requires Internal Memory (amount is dependent on how much of an area the user stores and how long he keeps it). The system can acquire maps of the area in two ways. The first way is to buy them and upload them into memory this requires a datalink/interface jack. The second way is to map the area yourself, to map an area within sight roll versus your IQ (if a tactical computer is also present add half its level). If successful that area is mapped in whatever detail your senses are capable of. Every 8 square miles uses 1 Mp of storage space.


Requires a bionic eye.

Cost: $2000 (1 point)


Cannot be used in combination with Boosted Reflexes or a full cyborg body.

Level Bonuses Cost
1 +2 Speed, +1 Initiative $55,000 (10 points)
2 +4 Speed, +1 Initiative $165,000 (30 points)
3 +6 Speed, +2 Initiative, +1 DX $500,000 (60 points)