Sword Dancer

Sword Dancer

[AD&D] - [2nd Edition] - [warrior class]

Description #

The Sword Dancer is a warrior that has concentrated all his skills on becoming a supreme swordsman. As a result he is deadly when holding a blade but only average with any other type of weapons. Sword Dancers scorn armour and shields in battle as a weaker mans method for protection. They believe that if one’s own skill cannot protect him from death then he is better of dead.

Sword Dancers must have minimum scores of 13 in Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity, and of 12 in Intelligence. They may be of any neutral alignment only.

Role #

A Sword Dancers role in a campaign is that of a sword for hire. He will hire himself out to fight for causes that he believes in. Some Sword Dancers choose a cause and dedicate their lives to that cause.

Secondary Skills #

If you’re using the Secondary Skills rules, the Sword Dancer must take Weaponsmith.

Weapon Proficiencies #

Bonus Proficiencies #

The Sword Dancer receives three extra weapon proficiency slots. Unfortunately he is told how to spend most of his proficiencies.


  • Two-Weapon Style Specialization
  • Ambidexterity
  • Broad Weapon Group (Blades)
  • and specialize in one blade of his choice.

After all this is done he only has one slot left which he can spend in any way as long as it does not violate his restrictions.

Nonweapon Proficiencies #

Bonus Proficiency:

  • (General) Dancing


  • (Rogue) Juggling
  • (Warrior) Blind Fighting
  • (General) Riding: Land Based

Equipment #

The Sword Dancer must buy the weapon in which he has specialized, but except for that limitation may spend his gold precisely as he pleases.

Special Benefits #

When he’s wearing no armour he receives a -2 bonus to his AC; he’s so nimble that he’s very hard to hit.

At 1st level, he gets a +1 to hit with any one type of sword (his choice from among those he has proficiency with). This goes up +1 every six experience levels (eg. +2 at 7th, +3 at 13th).

At 1st level, he gets a -1 bonus to his AC when holding any type of sword he is proficient in while wearing no armour or shield (he gains a extra -1 one time bonus to AC if he is using two swords). Every four additional experience levels he gains an additional -1 bonus to his AC.

When he loses more than 2/3 of his hit points the Sword Dancer will go into a controlled battle wrath. When this happens he ignores all other situations until he or his enemy is killed. If restrained he will have to make an intelligence check -6 to return to normal. While the Sword Dancer is in battle wrath he gains the following bonuses: +2 hp, +2 to damage, +1 to attack. When he comes out of the rage he loses the extra hit points, if this puts him below 0 hp he is dead.

Special Hindrances #

Cannot wear any type of armour (disdains it as something needed only by an inferior swordsman), neither can he use any type of shield in combat. Can only be proficient in bladed weapons, can only specialize in swords. He can not specialize in the Weapon and Shield Style. When there’s another swordsman around, intent on proving that he’s the best in the world, it’s the Sword Dancer he settles upon and challenges. Archers have a grudge against the Sword Dancer and will try to humiliate them at every turn.

Wealth Options #

The Sword Dancer starts with the normal 5d4x10 gp beginning money.

Races #

Humans, Half-elves and elves only.